Telehealth Chiropractic Consultations

In addition to in person care, we are now able to provide consultations via phone or video (i.e. Zoom Meetings).

Patient eligibility

  • The patient must already have a current-care relationship with the consulting chiropractor to be considered a candidate for Telehealth consultation.
  • Chiropractors who provide Telehealth must physically be in the province of Alberta while delivering Telehealth to patients who are physically in the province of Alberta.

Available Services

  • We may consult with the patient, obtain a history or update, and observe the condition described by the patient.
  • We may monitor, observe, and prescribe changes to therapeutic exercises. This must occur via video only.
  • We may consult on general recommendations that promote improved health outcomes such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc. This must occur via video only.
  • We may determine if the patient is a candidate for emergency chiropractic care, which will require an in-person history and examination that results in a diagnosis and treatment plan for their complaint.

Privacy and Limitations

  • Due to privacy legislation, Alberta chiropractors are restricted to providing temporary Telehealth to Alberta residents who are in Alberta at the time of the Telehealth consultation. 
  • Telehealth services impose limitations on chiropractic treatment, such as the inability to apply hands-on evaluation and treatment.
  • There may be inherent risk in the delivery of services using Telehealth, including risks to privacy of patient information. Our office is employing technical, administrative, and physical controls to address these risks.

Fees and Billings

  1. $80 for an initial 20 minute session,
  2. $20 per five minute increment after the initial 15-minute session as required.

Payment may be made by credit card over the phone or by e-transfer.  Payment is due when service is rendered.

These services may be covered by extended health.  To date we have received confirmation that Blue Cross, Canada Life, SunLife, GreenShield and Manulife will cover Telehealth services for chiropractors.  Check with your provider for details.

If you would like to book a Telehealth appointment please email