The Waldzell Meeting Austria (September 2007)

On Thursday, September 13, 2007, Dr. Hasick will be out of the clinic to attend The Waldzell Meeting 2007 entitled “What is our Legacy?” The Waldzell Meeting 2007, which will take place from September 17 to 19 in Melk, Austria, is an invitation-only event with a number of participants that is strictly limited to 150.

What makes Waldzell special is its existence at the intersection of great achievement in the world and great aspiration for larger meaning in life. At the Waldzell Meeting 2007, with its unique mixture of science, art, spirituality and business along with this years topic being “What is our Legacy?”, it is a good time to ask:

  • What will each of us leave as our legacy, and what will we leave as our collective legacy?
  • Will we have time, spirit, and the will to realize the legacies we say we aspire to?

The Story of Waldzell

Within a very brief period of time, the Waldzell meetings, which were initiated by Gundula Schatz and Andreas Salcher in 2004, have turned into an internationally renowned venue of dialogs between important personalities from the worlds of business and media, bringing together visionaries, thinkers and decision-makers alike. To date, the list of attendees has included no less than five Nobel Prize laureates, some of the most eminent artists of our time, such as Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Paulo Coelho and Isabel Allende, as well as noted scientists such as Peter Senge, Robert Gallo, Craig Venter and Anton Zeilinger.

This year the presenters will include: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Warren Bennis, Frank Gehry, Elizabeth Lesser, Sir Paul Nurse, David Rosen, David Steindl-Rast, William E. Stricklan, Ahmed El-Tayyib along with Alan Webber the long-time chief editor of the Harvard Business Review who will be the chairman of the Meeting.