October 2014: Leading the Way – En avant!

Dr. Hasick has been invited again by the National CCSVI Society (NCS) to speak at its fourth annual Canadian CCSVI conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Saturday and Sunday, October 4 – 5, 2014. The conference will present current CCSVI research and provide education for the neurovascular patient communities and the community at large.

Dr. Hasick’s presentation will explore how the brain’s vascular system and brain function (neurophysiology) respond to an optimal NUCCA correction.

Summary of Presentation:

When we look at the human journey from birth to death, the numbers of physical and mechanical stresses that are placed upon the human frame are endless. This results in a deviation of the body from the normal organization and orientation of our optimal physiology and framework.

Correction of these mechanical distortions has been the focus of Dr. Hasick’s life’s work (since 1978) when he was introduced to the NUCCA Upper Cervical Health Care protocol. Today, he is privileged to be able to continue and work with the best researchers, educators and practitioners and is studying ways to optimize the well-being of people with serious health challenges. In this presentation, he will review the findings of the past year’s research and offer another way of looking at MS care. Understanding the differences between pathology and patho-physiologic mechanisms may help reveal why the human body can respond and improve from some simple, low-tech and natural interventions.

What we know is that the accurate correction of the upper neck distortion creates a sustainable change that improves the optimal function of the human body and reduces symptoms.

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