An Elision refers to that point of transition where the conclusion of one phase of life activity evolves and blends seamlessly into the next phase. Elisions are personally meaningful times that require mindful preparation with thoughtful follow–through above all, deep artistry, good fortune and an element of grace.

Elision is a program for people entering a significant transition in their lives who wish to create for themselves a future that reflects more of who they are – for people who want to create a life that they can passionately care about. If you want to make a successful transition, create a healthy balance and harmony amongst your health, well–being, relationships, and work, then Elision will help you do this.

Elision does not teach you about the transition, it elicits from you that which is ready to be explored, discovered and created. Elision helps you explore a variety of possibilities and discover and work with talents and interests that may be active or dormant. Based on this exploration and discovery you can create the first steps of how you will navigate the transition into your new Ôera of livingÕ that is ripe with possibility and potential. You use your experience to create thoughtful, holistic, intelligent plans and pathways. The program helps you create reference points based on what is t ruly meaningful to you.

Whatever your transition, Elision helps break the spell of a predominantly work–focused life to weave well–known threads of your life together with newly discovered threads into a tapestry for your next years – a life that you can passionately care about. You use your experience and new discoveries to help you create reference points based on what is truly meaningful to you.

Elision supports you on your journey as you redefine, regenerate yourself and further develop the congruence and integrity with what is most meaningful to your life.

Elision: will be scheduled on a future date:

  • From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon you will explore and identify the changes presently needed and then set clear intentions and commitments to create a life that holds greater meaning and personal expression .
  • Facilitated by: Dr. Brian Woodward and Dr. Gordon Hasick
  • Cost TBD (includes pre–course materials, books, DVD’s and follow–up materials)
  • For additional information and registration please visit our websites: www.elision.ca and ww.artofgracefulchange.com or call 403.243.0848 – toll–free 1.866.378.3456