The Atlas Subluxation Complex

The first neck vertebra, also known as the atlas or C-1, is a small donut-like ring located at the top of the spine. It is in close proximity to the brain stem, which is the part of the central nervous system responsible for controlling a number of vital body functions. One of these very important functions is the muscle balance of the spinal column.

When the atlas is subjected to a stress or injury, it can become partly misaligned in relation to the skull and the other vertebrae in the neck.

We call this the Atlas Subluxation Complex Syndrome or the ASC Syndrome. Even a slight structural misalignment of the upper neck will result in a muscular response that shifts the body balance from normal and adds stress to the spinal column.

The term “Atlas Subluxation Complex” (A.S.C.) is a term intended to explain the far-reaching and detrimental effects of the structural misalignment of the upper neck region upon the spinal column. The A.S.C. embraces both the mechanical and neurological effects observed over many years of correlating the production of the atlas Subluxation on bodily distortions.

Neurological imbalance can be caused by an active A.S.C., which can adversely and consistently cause a wide variety of problems. Nervous tissue is of a plastic and elastic nature; therefore, it is subject to disfigurement by mechanical compression and extension exerted upon it by the misalignment factors of the A.S.C.

It is sometimes difficult to believe a problem in the neck would cause a problem in the rest of the spine. All messages going to and from the brain must travel through the upper neck region. Proper spinal alignment of the neck and head is essential for normal communication to take place. We know from years of research and clinical observation, overall health and well being is positively affected through retaining proper spinal balance of the neck and head. The resulting effect from correcting the A.S.C. is expereinced throughtout the entire body and on a variety of levels that include the physical, energetic and even emotional well-being. From back pain to thinking clearly the benefits of this care are very significant and the effort to regain and maintain normal spinal balance is well worth it.