Motor Vehicle Accident Information

What can happen to your neck

Prior to a spinal injury or trauma, the 10-12-lb. head is evenly centered over the neck. After an injury, the head shifts away from the centre. To Compensate, the neck shifts from its intended position putting undue stress on muscles, ligaments and the central nervous system.

To compensate for this change of alignment and to keep the body in balance, the entire spinal column begins to shift. An injury to the head and neck can cause a wide variety of problems that influence the whole spine, including low back pain and leg pain.

A specific correction to the upper cervical region can restore balance to the entire spinal column and pelvis. This provides the healing and recovery through improved spinal and neurological balance. Following an accident, even if you feel well, it is important to be measured for proper spinal balance.

Section B Insurance coverage
All basic automobile insurance coverage has section B coverage. This entitles all passengers of the vehicle involved in an accident, including the driver and owner of the vehicle – regardless of who is at fault in the accident to section B. Section B is not designed to fully cover all expenses of treatment for accident victims. Under section B chiropractic treatment is limited to $500.00 per person. See ‘Summary of Section B Benefits’ – courtesy of Rodin Law Firm

To claim section B, you need to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after a motor vehicle accident. Once you have talked with your insurance we can help you submit your chiropractic claim.

Your Appointment
When you call for an appointment please let us know that you have been in a motor vehicle accident so that we can allow sufficient time to properly assess your body balance and review your accident.

When you come in for your appointment we will ask you to fill out three forms. An update form, to update your symptoms and any other changes to your address etc. The next form will be for your motor vehicle accident, information on where and when the accident occurred and if you had any injuries, had to see any other doctors, etc. This gives us the detailed information in case you require any kind of legal reports or insurance reports for your accident. The third form is a pain questionnaire to determine how your problem has impacted your life and your ability to function. Please note these forms can also be downloaded on this website. Just go to Patient Forms and download the appropriate forms.

We may need to take new X-rays if your alignment pattern has changed. If so, we will book another appointment, as soon as possible, for you to be taken care of. A second set of post X-rays will follow the adjustment so that we can make sure you are in proper alignment and your problem has been fully corrected.

The sooner you are assessed and treated after an accident, the better recovery you will likely experience. Therefore, please contact us as soon as possible to be evaluated and properly corrected.