Patient Resources


Simple, Chronic or Complex …

There are many ways to educate yourself and we offer you a few options to help you stay informed.

Awareness is perhaps one of the most important tools for attaining better health. It is developing an attentive nature with yourself and becoming more conscious of personal behaviors, habits, patterns, needs and sensations.

We fully appreciate the complexity and depth of some health challenges. There are some especially chronic conditions that do not respond in a traditional way. Since this poses a challenge to some people, we offer a more extensive and in-depth look at these health issues and how you can influence your state of health and well being. This is done through the educational materials and programs offered through the clinic.

These programs look at the negative cycles of patterns that cause stress and dis-ease in our lives and offer a possibility of a new perspective to help you have a healthier future. These in-depth programs offer assistance in creating greater awareness of the root cause and stresses that can produce many life and health challenges. So, for these chronic conditions that have not responded to other therapies or treatment, we recommend further investigation by reviewing the information provided to you in the clinic, presented on the website or by attending one of our Clinic Lecture Series.