I am so happy to have found Dr. Hasick, his chiropractic care has been amazing. For the first time in a long time I feel great and no migraines! It’s a good feeling to have my head on straight!

Kristina P.,  October 2019

Dr. Gordon Hasick has honestly changed my life. 

For the last 10+ years I have been living with chronic neck and shoulder pain which I felt was just an outcome of my activities.  I began teaching fitness classes 15 years ago at the age of 28 and felt good for many years but started to feel the aches and pains of working out and teaching roughly 13-15 classes on top of a full- time job.  I was first introduced to chiropractors well before I started teaching but the frequency of my treatments increased with the number of classes I taught.  Physio, chiro, and massage was a monthly occurrence for me and these practitioners treated me for well over a decade.  Each treatment only had an immediate effect on relief, but within hours I would be back into the same place – pain.

I thought I had tried every treatment there was for my neck pain, I was wrong – I had yet to discover NUCCA!!!  I had reservations and fear of chiropractic due to my past experience, but this is nothing like your traditional chiropractic appointment.  Dr. Hasick’s protocol is incredibly studied, gentle, he is honest and realistic about the healing process, but mostly he cares about your recovery.  I observed all of this in my initial consultation but the science behind what he does and the adjustment offered is like nothing I’ve ever had.  The x-rays of my before and post treatment are as if you are looking at two different people, but they are me – suffering from Atlas subluxation, and the second is a corrected spine.  The words remarkable, unbelievable, and fascinated were all things that raced through my head.  That was eight weeks ago.  Eight weeks later I am still holding my adjustment, I have learned to care for myself in my new alignment.  Dr. Hasick has provided the tools for me to continue this path of healing, he truly believes in a holistic approach to complete wellness from rest to nourishment (physically and emotionally), and listening to your body – these are things we all know to do, but this is a big part of the program which I truly adopted into my daily routines.

I honestly can’t say enough about Dr. Hasick and NUCCA.  To think of all the years I was in so much pain, all the money I spent on other treatments, and precious time wasted at treatment tables.  But one can’t turn back time, and now I know better and I am grateful that I did at long last find Dr. Hasick.  I now have every confidence that I will be able to continue to do the things I love to do – teach fitness and yoga, travel and explore to my heart’s content, but mostly be a happier and healthier mother/daughter/partner/friend – be the best of me pain free.

Thank you Dr. Hasick, with deep and immense gratitude for you and your healing hands, I bow in gratitude.

-Elizabeth C.,  March 2019

If it wasn’t for Dr. Hasick and his expertise my life would be spent in painful depressed misery.

After years of neglecting my constant neck, back and shoulder pain, I came across Dr. Hasick and the difference in my physiological and physical well-being is massive!  

At the time I thought my issues were purely physical, little did I know how much better I would feel mentally after being adjusted.

If you are suffering, please persevere and let Dr. Hasick move you towards a transformation that will astound you! He is the only board certified Nucca chiropractor in Calgary.

-Rina H., April 2019

“Thanks to the NUCCA procedure, I got my life back.”– Kerry Hilderman, Registered Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapist

“With the proper alignment and taking control of my own health and I was amazed at what it (NUCCA) has done.”– Valerie Cade, Professional Speaker

“Not only my back, my whole system seems to work better.”– Andy Chakowski, Retired Professional Hockey Player

“I found that going in when I needed to have an adjustment, my whole lifestyle began to feel better.”– Margot McMaster, Emmy Award Winning Sound Recordist

“For kids, I think it’s such a non-invasive approach, it’s non-threatening… and it really helps them to settle down.”– Badri Rickhi, Director: Research Centre for Alternative Medicine