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For the past 70 years, NUCCA care has had a positive influence on how our bodies function, confirming that there is a very important relationship between the spine and central nervous system. Current technology now enables us to understand even more about the physiologic changes before and after an optimal correction of the upper cervical spine. This leads us to a greater awareness of what is possible in the realm of well-being and healthcare.

As NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractors, we continue to be a relatively small group of practitioners globally, however, the importance of an accurate upper cervical correction is being shown as an increasingly essential part of optimal physiological function.

Since 1980, from the clinical care we have offered, we have consistently seen the impact of a misaligned upper neck region result in the creation of a wide range of symptoms. These range from muscular and postural imbalance to reduced cognitive function, dizziness, headaches and overall poor health. The accurate correction of the upper neck distortion creates a sustainable change that improves the optimal function of the human body and reduces the symptoms. With our research and the use of highly advanced new technology, we are now able to understand the reasons why so many people get better.

Our multidisciplinary clinic is dedicated to helping you regain and maintain your health and well-being. We offer a variety of simple and sustainable health care solutions for a wide variety of health challenges. These scientifically proven natural healing techniques and programs are safe, effective and well established. They emphasize patient participation to reduce practitioner dependence.