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October 2008

A message from Dr. Hasick

Thanksgiving Continues

It is our hope that you enjoyed a renewing thanksgiving weekend a few weeks ago. Although the formal weekend of giving thanks has past, as our Optimal Health University handout that is attached with this letter shows, gratitude is an important part of being healthy.

"These are not the best of times, these are not the worst of times, but they are the only times we’ll ever know." These lyrics from a Billy Joel song seem to ring true as we are currently amidst a significantly changing world. The economic status of these past weeks has many people fearful and concerned for their wellbeing. In truth, our greatest asset is our personal health and wellness. Yes, our economic health can impact us, but to support our physical, mental and emotional health, many other common sense simple steps also help maintain our wellbeing. Most of these steps cost us nothing other than our time and commitment.

In our last Britannia Clinic® Newsletter we looked at how the opposite of stress is not relaxation, but resilience. Your resilient capacity is perhaps never more important than in our current time. How we adapt and respond to these changes in our world will ultimately influence your quality of life and health.

It is indeed a time when there has been many virtual and real losses, however, the question remains do we have enough? In terms of our needs to staying healthy amidst a changing world, I am reminded of the building foundations of personal health that we offer at the clinic.

We spend a great deal of time offering the foundational building blocks to maintain your health and wellbeing. Most of these health creations tools are things you can do to stay healthy. Our care and educational programs are designed to maintain your natural resilient capacity and express your greatest gift, your health and wellbeing.

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude. My recent trip to
The Waldzell Meeting in Austria offered me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people from around the world. Perhaps one of the more influential meetings occurred with Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk. Brother David’s message is simple, we live in a given time, a given world, a given set of circumstances and when something is given, the natural response can be one of gratitude…thankfulness.

The practice of gratefulness starts with the conscious choice of thanksgiving. Over time this slowly starts to reshape how we may see the various situations and events in our lives. We can not be grateful for everything because not everything is favorable, but, within each of these situations there is an opportunity for us to use our voice, respond differently and reshape our lives. Effort and energy is needed for this and having your physical health and wellbeing is an important starting point.

So, even though the formal weekend of giving thanks is over, the practice of gratitude can continue and help to reshape your health.

I am providing a few links to websites that focus on gratefulness.

All of us at The Britannia Clinic® wish you continued good health, happiness and peace as you find time to embrace the many things that we can all be grateful for. If you have any questions regarding your health concerns or care program, please contact us.

Yours truly,
D. Gordon Hasick D.C. F.P.A.C.

The following website links are for your further exploration as you continue your journey of health maintenance and continued wellbeing.

The Waldzell Meeting: www.waldzell.org
And: http://www.jotf.info/Welcome.html

Brother David Steindl-Rast- http://www.gratefulness.org/brotherdavid/a-good-day.htm