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September 2008

A message from Dr. Hasick

As we move into September and experience another change of seasons, it is helpful to remember our human capacity to adapt to the changing environments. As the daylight hours are shorter and the night and days cooler, we respond to these changes with warmer clothes for the cool evenings and perhaps Vitamin D for the reduction of the sunlight exposure. Since we are always changing, we need to maintain our adaptability. Dr. Sonia Lupien at the Centre for the studies on Human Stress in Montreal says the opposite of stress is not relaxation, it is resilience!

At The Britannia Clinic® our care programs have always focused on building resilience of the human body to retain our full adaptive ability. As a result, better health and quality of life are the benefits of care. In this newsletter we will outline some of the other benefits of care and introduce you to Dr. Majorís practise; along with our Optimal Health University handout for children as they return to school for another year of learning.

Health care is delivered on three levels:

  1. The treatment of a condition
  2. The prevention of a condition
  3. The promotion of health

At The Britannia Clinic® we offer care on all these levels. Health is one of our greatest personal assets that is linked to the quality of our life. Since 1980, we have committed to helping you regain and maintain your well-being and today we continue this tradition.

Please contact us with any questions about our care or a health challenge you may be experiencing. We wish you health, happiness and peace. Keep well.


D. Gordon Hasick D.C. F.P.A.C
Clinic Director

Benefits of Upper Cervical Care:

Many people are not familiar with all the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic. Here are just a few of the conditions/symptoms that we treat at The Britannia Clinic®.

Allergies and Asthma:
Many allergic and asthmatic reactions are due to hypersensitivity of the immune system and/or respiratory system. This means that the immune and respiratory systems initiate an exaggerated response (allergy attack, asthma, coughing attack, skin rash) to something in the environment such as dust, pollen, grass, foods, etc. Since the immune and respiratory systems depend upon normal communications from the brain and spinal cord to control and coordinate their functions, alterations in neurological function can contribute to malfunctions in these systems. Specifically, an imbalance in automotive nervous systems functions, caused by input from upper cervical spinal joint irritation (neck misalignment), can produce or exaggerate asthmatic and allergic symptoms via control over airways dilation and immune response.

TMJ Dysfunction:
The purpose of upper cervical chiropractic care is to reverse the trauma-induced upper neck injury; thereby reducing irritation to the nerves in the brain stem and spinal cord that control neuromuscular function in the face and jaw.

Disc Disorder/Herniated Disc:
Often, trauma is directed at the neck during auto accidents, head injures, sports accidents, and falls. Because the brain stem contains the control center for the postural muscles of the spine, an injury at the upper neck can interfere with the brainís normal control over those postural muscles, leading to muscular weakness, atrophy and spasms throughout the neck and back.

If you know anyone who you think would benefit from upper cervical care, please refer them to The Britannia Clinic® where we offer programs of hope and healing.

For an update of upper cervical research publications, please click here.

Dr. Janet Majorís Practice:

Dr. Majorís practice is a full spine practice. She uses traditional low force technique to treat restrictions that can occur between two or more spinal segments.

Typical complaints are restricted movement in an area of the spine (or extremity joints) as well as a particular area of localized pain, such as low back. Dr. Major has a holistic perspective and is trained in functional medicine. This means she can make recommendations to augment your nutritional program.

For those who like a computer printout with before and after results, Dr. Major may test you on the Bioimpedence Analysis machine. This printout will tell you percentage of body fat, how many calories you are burning per day, the hydration of your cells and many more interesting measurements. If you want to lose weight, this is a must. This machine will monitor whether youíre losing fat (desirable) or lean muscle (not desirable).

Losing pounds can be hazardous if youíre losing lean muscle instead of fat. Dr. Major can introduce you to the First Line Therapy program and give you helpful guidelines to lose weight in a healthy way.

Dr. Hunterís Wedding:

Many of you may have heard, the day finally came where Dr. Hunter and her long-time partner, Mitch Wegmann, exchanged vows and united in marriage on August 2, 2008 on the riverbanks in Canmore, Alberta.

It was a perfect day, shared with family and friends from all over Canada and the United States.

Dr. Hunter would like to thank the patients at The Britannia Clinic® for all the good wishes to Mitch and herself.

Some patients have asked how to refer to her by name now and she will be keeping her professional name as Dr. Sloane Hunter.