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February 2007
New Years Issue

A message from Dr. Hasick

Happy and Healthy New Year and welcome to the New Years Edition of the Britannia Clinic newsletter. Maintaining our health and well-being often takes on a greater focus as we enter a new year. With this increased focus, there are many "resolutions" to eat better, exercise more and generally take better care of ourselves. These are certainly worthy goals and when we put in the effort to look after ourselves; there are many tangible results that can be felt. The challenge is to sustain these worthy goals and maintain the good health and wellness we are so capable of enjoying.

B.K.S. Iyengar is one of the best-known yoga teachers and the creator of one of the most popular styles of yoga in the world. His style of yoga is noted for great attention to detail and the precise alignment of postures. He has said that we must earn our health and once we have attained it, we must continue the work to maintain it. Our goal as a clinic is to help you learn how to most effectively help yourself to sustain your wellness.

With every edition of our newsletter, we hope to bring you further insight into the workings of our clinic. We hope you will feel greater confidence and connection to the practitioners who serve you and your health. Perhaps this information will trigger a question or deeper reflection on the relationship between your lifestyle, your body and how different kinds of healing work may benefit you. Our team meets often in order to share our common knowledge and offer an integrated service to you, our client. If you have a question, please ask any one of us. Our team will endeavor to find the answer.

In this issue, we offer a profile on the experienced work of Britannia Clinic Chiropractor Dr. Janet Major. We hope to show you how her work differs and compliments the NUCCA chiropractic work of Dr. Hasick and Dr. Hunter along with the other practitioners at the clinic.

Once again we offer our Reflections of Hope section for your contemplation.

May the New Year bring you a renewed sense of health and well-being as we adjust to a change of temperature, activities and holding to the resolutions and health goals we may have set for ourselves.


Dr. Gordon Hasick
Clinic Director

Dr. Janet Major

Not everyone knows this, but Dr. Major is married to Dr. Hasick, and together they parent three young children. That's cool. But what's very interesting is that they met as chiropractors who offer very different kinds of healing, and after years of discussion and experimentation, they discovered the benefits of both kinds of chiropractic care and how they compliment each other. Dr. Major offers her services as part of the Britannia Clinic on a part time basis. (click here for hours).

How are they different? To start they use different systems to analyze a patient's postural balance and need for an adjustment. The NUCCA practice of Dr. Hasick and Dr. Hunter uses the G.S.A. ( Gravity stress Analyzer) x-rays, hip calipers and face-up leg checks to determine whether a patient's head is in alignment with the body and the entire body is balanced. They check your relationship with gravity by making sure your head is on straight. NUCCA adjustments are applied strictly to the upper neck and this helps to restore balance to the entire spinal column by influencing the brain stem and the master control centre of the spinal muscles.

Dr. Major assesses individual joint motion and uses a facedown leg check method along with other tests. These tests reflect joint fixations in the spine or pelvis and lower back. "A patient may hold their NUCCA adjustment, and still experience a continual nagging pain in their hips, lower back or mid back from a fixation of a joint. This often resolves with a specific adjustment," explains Dr. Major. "To do this work, I use various tools, including an activator, sacro-occipital technique (SOT) blocks or manual adjustments."

In addition, Dr. Major uses muscle-testing to check stress on a patient's glandular system, or examining levels of hydration, blood sugar balance or calcium-magnesium balance. These tests also check the thyroid balance, heart and circulatory systems, adrenals and reproductive systems and can scan for the presence of parasites, Candida and mineral deficiencies. Depending on the presenting problem, Dr. Major often performs a series of adjustments and offers diet recommendations to resolve the stress issue.

"I have a very individual approach to each client," says Dr. Major, who checks more aspects of the body than usual. This is driven by her interest and training in human consciousness and how it affects a patient's health. "Every time a patient experiences discomfort, I check to see if it is structural, nutritional or emotional, or a combination of these things. Once I have identified the issue, I can use a variety of tools to support them in healing."

How are they the same? Drs. Hasick, Major and Hunter share a holistic approach to health, which they believe is reflected in body, mind and spirit. In their shared experience, each patient has a capacity for well-being that can be called to action with a knowledgeable practitioner and a patient's commitment to their own healing process.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Major, please contact us at the Britannia Clinic.

What's New at Britannia Bodyworks

NEW and EXCITING additions at Britannia Bodywork and Wellness Centre


This letter is to inform you of some things we have going on for 2007. We have had many changes over the past few of years as we have grown and diversified the care if our office. We are now in our second year in our new space, Suite 211. In addition to the looks of the clinic we also have had many new faces join our staff.

One of the most recent additions has been the Naturopathic Doctor/Homeopath, Dr. Patricia Brand N.D. who has been seeing patients over the last few months in office. She comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The Naturopathic Philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and to treat root causes of disease. As a Naturopath, she draws from a variety of treatment methods depending upon the individual needs of the patient. Her goal is to bring each patient to a state of independence in their Health, to restore flexibility, and most importantly to educate.

Verna Besselink has also come on board practicing Touch for Health and Energy Medicine work. Verna's intuition and strong connection to Healing presence gives her many insights to help you on your healing journey.


Starting February 1st we welcome Marty Calhoun B.S.C. P.T. He has been a Physiotherapist in Calgary over the last 13 years and specializes in Cranio-Sacral therapy as well as Visceral Manipulation and Myo-Fascial Release work. Recognizing the need for a full body integrated approach to Healing and Wellness. Marty blends his experience and training into treating the unique needs of each individual.

Steve Ernst and Blanka Pinneau continue to offer Massage Therapy, Sports and Relaxation Massage.

Kerry Hilderman has just completed his certification in Active Release Therapy (ART) and is excited about adding this modality to our services.

Lynne Hilderman has returned part time to continue practicing Massage and Craniosacral Therapy after spending the last few years raising our children.

We continue to offer free 15-minute consultations for those who would like to know more about us and how we work. This is also an opportunity to discuss a treatment plan and hopefully guide you in a direction of the most appropriate treatment.

If you have any questions regarding any of our services, you can visit our web site at www.britanniabodyworks.com or call us at 403-243-6610.


Reflections of Hope:

Each Love

of love
the heart

fire in
we were

we are

our destiny
is fulfilled.

Robert Pynn

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Dr. Lisa Meng continues to provide Traditional Chinese Medicine along with a new acupuncture procedure called "Facial Rejuvenation". A free 15-minute consultation about this treatment program and eligibility is available. For further information please call the Britannia Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic at 208-6488 or visit our website.

Clinic News

Dr. Hasick and Dr. Hunter Attend NUCCA conference in St. Louis

Both doctors attended the fall NUCCA conference to update their knowledge and skills in the NUCCA procedure.

Dr. Hasick taught the Practice Principles class and a special level 3 certification class with Dr. Dickholtz Jr.

Dr. Hunter is continuing her part 3 certification process.

Here are a few photos of their trip.

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