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November 2010

A message from Dr. Hasick


For those of you that have been in the office over the past few weeks and have helped contribute to the Small Steps to $uccess Campaign, we thank-you!

NUCCA was awarded a $100,000 matching funds pledge by a private foundation in Calgary. Last year we raised $24,504 in Canada and $24,858 in the United States.  This money is helping to fund a Phase Contrast Study that our office will be taking part in and we are well on our way to having another successful campaign this year! 

This research will help to better understand and communicate the positive effects the NUCCA correction has on improved health and well-being.

For those of you who have not been in recently, there is still time to help support our NUCCA research!

We are continuing to work towards our goal and every contribution makes a difference!

Since 1971, NUCCA has worked internally to optimize its procedures through research from the Upper Cervical Research Foundation ( Up until now, research was very technical and related to better correcting the spinal misalignment.  Although, that work continues, recently NUCCA has shifted its focus to begin to study and understand the far-reaching effect of NUCCA on the entire body.  This is now possible using new technology that is just beginning to allow us to see and understand more.

For more information on current research projects please click the link below:

If you can, please join us by making a donation today.                         

(Donations can be personal or corporate)

There are many ways to help! 

 1)   Click on the link below to donate online:


 2)  Mail a check made to the Ralph R. Gregory Memorial Foundation (Canada) to:

Ralph R. Gregory Memorial Foundation (Canada)
5005 Elbow Drive SW Suite #201
Calgary, Alberta
T2S 2T6

3) On your next visit to the office, make a donation in person by cash, check or credit card.

Thank you again to all of you that contributed to this campaign with your kind and generous support. 

Keep well.

D. Gordon Hasick D.C. F.P.A.C.
Britannia Clinic (Director)
Board Certified NUCCA Instructor (1989)
Ralph R. Gregory Memorial Foundation (Canada)