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July 2010

A message from Dr. Hasick

I hope this finds you well and enjoying summer in spite of the odd weather patterns. Life is full of surprises and the weather is but one area we cannot predict.

A pleasant, and at times, startling surprise for me is that it has been 30 years since I opened our clinic. We have enjoyed remaining in this same location for three decades.

I am also surprised when I visit with patients who began their care program as small children and have grown up to have their own children. This represents another generation of patients for whom we are able to provide care. (Dr. Major and I appreciate when our own three children now ask to get checked when they feel they need it.)

This next generation of care also includes Dr. Hunter and her practice. She has been at the clinic for seven years and has a new family of her own. Time seems to move very swiftly for us all and the clinic family continues to keep growing.

Since 1980 we have been privileged to support the healing journey of many thousands of people throughout Canada. We are most grateful for this chance to help you and appreciate the continued confidence you show by receiving your ongoing care.

This newsletter issue includes information about "See My NUCCA Correction", an exercise program "Straighten Up Alberta" that was launched by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, and a link to another website for "Fit in 15". I hope you find this information helpful and I invite you to consider how you can best take care of your health and well-being.

Preventative care and the promotion of heath and well-being are what makes a difference to the quality of our life. This personal care is a lifetime journey.

After three decades of providing service here, it is my full intention to continue for many more years to be a supportive part of our community. Thank-you again for your ongoing confidence in our clinic and the care we offer.

I wish you a healthy and joyous summer.

D. Gordon Hasick D.C. F.P.A.C.
Clinic Director


See Your NUCCA Correction:

Would your like to be able to show your friends and family your NUCCA correction? My ChiroCorrection is a new interactive tool on our website, www.c-1.com that allows you to do just that! We will provide you with a listing card that is personalized to your own specific misalignment.

You can enter your information on the Web site so that when you click on "Show My Misalignment," an animation demonstrates your misalignment exactly as it appears on your X-rays. My ChiroCorrection provides a close-up view of the cervical spine and brainstem as well as an expanded view of how the upper cervical subluxation affects the entire body.

You can find this interactive tool on our Web site by going to the main page and clicking on "See My Nucca Correction" at the bottom of the page or simply clicking on this link:


You can use this tool without your personalized information or if you would like to see your personalized NUCCA correction contact our office and we can e-mail you a listing card or ask for one the next time you are in.

Dr. Hasick's Clinic Hours

Monday 9:00-12:00 am and 1:30-4:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30-12:30 am
Wednesday 9:00-12:00 am and 1:30-3:00 pm
Thursday and Friday 9:15-12:00 am and 1:30-3:00 pm

Dr. Hunter's Clinic Hours

Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm


Dr. Hasick is away
August 1-14 inclusive.

Dr. Hunter is away August 22-28

Dr. Major has special on-call summer hours. Please contact
us if you would like to schedule an appointment.
She will not be available August 1-14.


Additional Support For You!

Fit-in 15:

Fit-in 15 has been developed by Canada's Doctors of Chiropractic, experts in muscle and joint function, and champions of healthy living. They recognise that it can be hard to find time in a busy day to focus on physical activity so they created Fit-in 15, an easy and manageable way to start the habit. Once Fit-in 15 becomes a regular part of your day, you may find yourself fitting in more. Click on the link below to get started.

» Fit In 15

Straighten Up Alberta:

More and more of us are becoming slouch-potatoes where we sit for too long at desks, spend too much time in front of the television or computer, and do not exercise enough to perform day-to-day activities without the risk of back pain. That is why the Straighten Up program was developed.

Adopted in countries around the world by people just like you, this program is a simple, effective, three-minute exercise program for all ages. It will help strengthen your spine and improve your posture, giving you the ability to handle what life throws at you.

The Straighten Up Alberta program will help you improve your posture, stabilize core muscle groups, enhance your health and prevent problems with your spine. You can complete the exercises at any time of day.

Click on the link below and reach for better posture!

» Straighten Up Alberta