Things I Wished I Remembered

“Things I wish I Remembered!”

I wish I remembered that beyond the intellect

there is a profound intelligence.

Inherent in all life……everywhere.


I wish I remembered that I am not separate

from the One

although unique and distinct,

I am connected to everything.


Love is not an emotion


a field of energy that supports and

carries throughout everyone and everything.


I wish to remember my way home

to my clear heart, mind and body.

Pure, vital and alive.


I wish I remembered I am my own best support

to feel and be loved, held, cared for.

Perfect in this very moment

not needing to be different and

to work so hard to be better…


I am enough, just as I am …


I go to sleep

wake up

and this is just during each moment

of every day and every night.


I remember, I forget…


Maybe if I write this down

I’ll remember

me, my nature and

the nature of all things

that makes life so precious.


from Gordon Hasick to all of us…… 2011