The “Choices” series is a comprehensive self-study program designed to help investigate your ability to make healthy choices. Our lives are full of changes that constantly demand for our attention. We can better cope with these demands by seeing where we can influence the changes for a healthier outcome. By understanding how to make healthier choices in difficult situations, we can often enjoy a better quality of life and reduce the stress of living.

Hosted by Dr. Gordon Hasick, “Choices” gathers a variety of insightful and experienced teachers, authors, prisoners, healers, corporate managers, councilors and ministers, to help you discover how you can consciously shape your life. This special series is made up of three 26-minute programs. It includes a self-study guide to help you investigate your habits, beliefs and fears and it shows you how you can make difficult choices easier.

“Choices” features a special appearance by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, noted author of The Seven Habits of Successful People.

Part I helps you in “Discovering Choices” in your life and just how much influence you have.

Part II looks at “Developing Choices” and what tools are needed to expand your ability to choose.

Part III investigates “Making Choices” and how fear often gets in the way of your progress.

The in-depth study guide that accompanies this series is written by Lindon Crow, President of Productive Learning and Leisure. Lindon appears in the Choices Series and has worked coaching and helping people better manage their lives for almost 30 years.

In completing the study guide you will discover the unique qualities and patterns that can keep you unproductive and how to make healthier choices.

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