About Our Office

Five Reasons Our Office is Unique

Choosing the right NUCCA doctor for you and your family is important. You want only the best care for you and your family. At the office of Dr. Gordon Hasick, we go the extra mile to try and provide the best service for you and your family.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about five things that make our office unique.

#1. We Have Nearly 40 Years of Experience

Dr. Hasick opened his practice in this same location here in Calgary, AB in the summer of 1980. Since then, we’ve always taken great pride in serving the residents of Calgary and the neighboring provinces. We love helping people feel their best, and we feel confident about the care we provide.

Dr. Hasick has a diverse background in chiropractic care, clinical research, education, leadership development and television production, all with a focus on human development and enhanced wellness.

He is NUCCA board-certified (1989), a credentialed instructor for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and was certified and taught by NUCCA developer, Dr. Ralph R. Gregory. Dr. Hasick was on the faculty of Leadership Development at the Banff Centre from 2003-2009 where he was part of a team that designed and facilitated a weeklong program to build personal leadership with visions for an ideal and healthy future.  He worked to support a wide variety of leaders from around the world through interactive approaches using innovative arts based learning processes.

He served as Chief Chiropractic Officer for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary as well as Team Chiropractor for Team Canada Men’s National Volleyball team.

Dr. Hasick and his team worked on the Phase Contrast Migraine Headache Research Project in collaboration with Dr. Hasick’s Britannia Clinic, The University of Calgary and the Calgary Headache Assessment & Management Program (CHAMP) at the Foothills Hospital with Dr. Werner Becker (Neurologist); Dr. Noam Alperin at the University of Florida (Miami) and Dr. Charles Woodfield with the Upper Cervical Research Foundation (UCRF). The study manuscript has been published by BioMed Research International.

Dr. Hasick is the founder and President of the Dr. Ralph R. Gregory Memorial Foundation (Canada) as well as President of the Upper Cervical Research Foundation.

#2. Our Office Uses Safe and Effective Image Guided Care that is Minimally Invasive

Guided by our experience and knowledge, we only take on patients that we feel we can help. Image guided care is proven to be more effective and we use low-radiation X-rays to give us an accurate view of your personal misalignment. We thoroughly review your health history including any previous imaging and injuries to ensure your best outcome for health and overall well-being. You and your family are in safe hands at our office.

#3. We Work with a Great Team of Seasoned Interdisciplinary Professionals and Refer to Them When Needed

NUCCA care is a great place to start on your healing journey and has produced profound improvement for many thousands of patients.  For patients that may require additional support, we have access to a great team of seasoned health care practitioners that we work closely with and will refer you to when needed.

We are also able to request private MRI, CT scans, and additional government funded imaging, scans and x-rays when necessary.

#4. We Teach You Ways to Care for Yourself to Reduce Practitioner Dependency

We offer a unique 8-week initial in-depth educational process to teach you ways to support your health and healing. We work with a clinical model to help you develop more resilience. We teach simple daily practices that support your sustained health, functional capacity and optimal quality of life.

We also have a number of other Health Creation Tools™ to support your full recovery and to deepen your understanding of how to fully engage your innate capacity to be well. These tools include: self-study video/T.V. programs, audio programs, books, vitamin and nutritional supplements, pillows, back supports.  We have environmental products to improve the quality of your air, water and sleep. These Health Creation Tools™ have been carefully researched and scientifically tested to ensure they are safe, effective and can help to support your well-being in an increasingly stressful, complex and challenging world.

We also offer additional support for particular conditions such as post-concussion management and migraines.

#5. We Offer Personalized Care that is Sensitive to your Unique Needs

We know that when you are not feeling well and need to see a new doctor, it can be stressful. You are often coming to us in pain and frustration after having tried many other treatment avenues. We work to evaluate you to determine your primary health issue and offer you the best care as quickly as possible.

We have professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff that have over 20 years experience in the chiropractic field.  They are dedicated and thorough, and will never cut corners when it comes to a patient’s health.

We are sensitive to your struggle and work hard to offer comfort, support and hope for a healthy future. We’re here to help you and we treat you with respect and compassion. We want every one of our patients to regain and maintain optimal health throughout the full journey of their lives.